Life in the slow lane

I live on a house on a hill that we named Bluebird Hill.
As you might guess, we do have bluebirds, 
but I am an avid gardener and have planted for all
types of birds, butterflies and especially bees.
Are you aware that there is a crisis with our bees?
Entire hives have been wiped out by a virus.
So, I truly appreciate seeing them, helping to 
pollinate my flowers, trees & shrubs. 
It is false to think that they will sting, since they only do so when provoked.
They help with the fruits & veggie production, and taking a teaspoon of local honey 
will help those that suffer from spring allergies.  I purchase mine at the farmers
Below is an article stating that big companies are working
on stopping the sale of some pesticides that affect our 
home gardens.
This time of the year is so exciting for me.
Everything is bursting into bloom. The air smells 
fresh, the days are getting longer, and I have more 
energy. I hope you will join me, and we can walk 
the garden path together...donnajean


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