Is it necessary to prune?

Do you think it is necessary to prune your trees & shrubs?

I do for these reasons.

  • It shows off the shape of the trunk of a tree.   I just pruned this Japanese maple this afternoon.  About 5 years ago when I had some oaks trimmed, a large limb fell on this small tree and took about half of it off.  Of course, I was very concerned about its survival and the looks of it.  But it has taken on a beautiful shape, and the pruning helps to accent it. By trimming out overlapping twigs, I can show off the structure of it and open it up for better viewing.  Last year I had a sculpture behind it, but I will have that removed and uplight it for the future.  Lovely to look at in the evening from the veranda.


I think that pruning shrubs after they have bloomed, sometimes will give you a second flush of blooms.  It helps to keep them the size and shape you wish, and some shrubs flower on old growth, so you don’t want to do all of your pruning in the spring.

  • It is easier to keep weeds down, when there is space between plants.2016-06-08-001-058
  • It helps to prevent mildew in the summer when the temperature & humidity are high.

In the photo on the right, you can see the ‘layering’ of the plants. By keeping the azaleas low, they remain full instead of getting ‘twiggy’ and the hydrangeas add height to the composition of the planting.  Also take note of the different size leaves, adding interest to a mostly green setting.


Happy gardening…donnajean

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