Living Graciously


  Do you live graciously?


Does this seem like a silly question? Are you thinking who has time for that?  Well, I think it is something critical for a less stressful life.

If you think about what you enjoy most about a vacation, it is the setting, the idea of not having to be on a schedule, and something new.


Well, I think we can create a more relaxing environment in our homes and daily lives to make it more gracious.  Having flowers and plants in your home is simple and uplifting. Playing your favorite music in the background makes chores easier. Using a scented mister or candles adds a pleasing fragrance to your rooms. And the feng shui mantra to cleanse and have your surroundings free from clutter is critical. So you are thinking, how am I going to achieve all of this when I am so busy already??

 Simple…get organized.  This will be the hardest part.

  •  Take an area at a time, and clear it of clutter.   Kitchen counters? Take off everything that doesn’t have to do with eating or preparing food.  Set up an area for mail and all of the kids ‘stuff’   such as these lockers of shelf from Ballard Designs.


  • In your bedroom it’s simple.  Do what your mother said… hang up your clothes, and that does not mean on the stationary bike!  If everything is either hung or put in the hamper when you take it off, the clutter is gone and the laundry will be easier!  Add a simple bud vase on the vanity to have something pretty to see in the morning.  Have pretty deserve them.  The same with soft sheets and good pillows.  They are an investment in a good nights sleep which will help you perform better on all levels of your life.

The family/great room.  This and the kitchen are the places we spend all of our time.  Are you happy in this space?   Is it inviting?  If not, look at it and see why.  Again, is it clutter?  Or maybe not comfortable.  Every relaxing space should have the following:

  •       A comfortable chair with an ottoman.
  •       A sofa with comfy pillows  & a throw to take the chill off.
  •       Great lighting  and a landing spot  by every seat.

Make your home your retreat and live graciously…….donnajean


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