Feeling young

Yasmin Le Bon, is a 51 yr old super model.Yasmin le Bon age 51

We all want to look our best, and sometimes it is just good genes, but I think for most of us it takes a good routine.   By that I mean getting enough sleep, eating the good stuff and only a bit of the bad stuff.  Using a good sunscreen at all times, and I extend that to putting on a hat to protect my face.

I am quite a bit beyond my 50’s now, but people still comment on my skin.  Well I have just found 3 products that are new to me, and I want to recommend them to you.  This is something I have never done before, but I want to share because I am so pleased with the results!

All of these products are by L’Oreal and easy to get.  I purchased mine @ Target!  These are the pics that they have on line.

I have been using this cream every night for about a month.  I saw fewer lines almost immediately.  It is not greasy and just melts right into my skin.  And don’t forget your decollege.


These next 2 items I use for daytime. I do not use much make-up. The first thing I apply is the L’Oreal RevitaLift Triple Power Day lotion with 20spf. Then  I line my skimpy brows (how did that happen all of a sudden?)  Then 2 coats of mascara, neutral powder on my lids to ‘wake up’ my eyes, and concealer on those nasty broken vessels. A few light strokes of powder, and apply lipstick.  If you have ‘fading lips’ like I do, you may have tried a lot of different lipsticks.  Well ladies, this is the one!  It is L’Oreal Infallible Pro 2 step lip color. Since I no longer have a smooth lip line, I first line my lips then put on the color with the sponge tip.  I wait 2 minutes and then put on the sealing moisturizer.  The color lasts all day!

So ladies, here’s to looking and feeling youngerdonnajean


 day lotion

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