Life does not have to be Perfect

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful                                                                                                                                              #2

When we get married we promise for better or worse. But I don’t think with all of the excitement over the dress and flowers, et al we really think it through.   

I just had a surgery on my hand that meant my hubby has to do  pretty much everything.

Well, it is an eye opener for both of us.    I’m sure that in the every day scheme of things we all take each other for granted.  This is like having a baby, but we are both much older!    And unlike a baby, I will remember this.    So… when he was trying to help me up off the sofa and we both ended up on the floor, laughing  seemed like the only thing for us to do!    

I am truly pleased to be reminded of what a wonderful and caring man he is.  After all of these years of being together it is the small things that are important. It’s essential that you have a partner that will put your needs first.   

And I think he appreciates the fact that I pre-made some simple meals for him to reheat, shopped ahead for staples and also thought about some simple clothes for him to help get me into….good-bye for now to my skinny jeans!

So even when there is pain and discomfort,  life can be pretty wonderful….donnajean


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