Key West cottage style

I love to walk local neighborhoods when I travel…fencefence2

We recently visited Key West, and it is a very laid back city. Lots of charming neighborhoods, and all of the cottages have front gardens and fences.

The gardens are loose, and the fences as different as I would imagine the owners to be.  Orchids attached to trees, and what some would consider houseplants, grow to the size of shrubs.


I love this quirky fence  with the vibrant blue flowers waving like little butterflies.



I noticed that most of the homes were soft pastels or white, with black shutters.  Don’t you love that haint blue ceiling on the porch?  It’s supposed to keep the bugs away, and I have to say it works on mine.

The salt air plays havoc with the exterior of these homes.  Most have metal roofs, brick walks, and outdoor living areas.

A lot of the homes we passed while walking, had their doors and windows open to the ocean breezes.  With average temps in the 70’s, most do not have air conditioning.

If you are ever in the Keys and like to explore, take an afternoon and stroll through some of the local neighborhoods.

  It is a real treat……donnajean bike

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