Living Outdoors

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There is nothing more sweet than sitting outside with a good book, listening to the birds sing.

A few years ago we put a covered porch on the back of our house.  We added skylites so the kitchen would not be dark, and there are french doors going into the kitchen. The view from inside is wonderful, but the best part is the openness. I purposely did not screen the space.  We have an overhead fan which seems to keep the bugs at bay.

To have a successful open space for outdoor living, these are my suggestions.

  • Plantings that are fragrant that you can enjoy from your seating area,especially something to ward off mosquitoes at dusk
  • A floor that can be easily hosed off
  • An area rug to center a seating area, and keep your feet warmer in cool weather
  • Comfortable seating – our rockers are always the first chairs taken!
  • A landing spot for drinks, books or games
  • Lighting that can be used after dark – I put candles in jars up on the support beams and they cast a lovely glow.  Battery operated candles work great too
  • I use a pair of vintage doors for privacy screening from the neighbors when I let the dog out and I am not completely dressed!
  • A piece of furniture for storage – I have an old cabinet that I can put extra candles, bug spray, and pillows in
  • A  spot with a view and some sense of privacy

I hope you will find such a spot for yourself….donnajean


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