Last words

                   {BF7C70EC-291C-4001-8B71-F6D5EC5CE7E6}-DSC02810 (2)                                             Life is a gift that we all to often take for granted.       

When my father passed away last week, it was after he had suffered numerous falls in the last few years.  Each one took a bit more of his energy and dignity.

But he always kept his famous sense of humor.  He was loved by many because of it and his love of story-telling and jokes. My relationship with him was rocky at times, probably because we were both strong-willed and stubborn.  I see that now.

His last stay in the hospital was bad.  My mother called and said I should come quickly, because this time he would not survive. The next morning when I arrived from the airport, he was in a lot of pain and did not open his eyes.  He was just being maintained on morphine and oxygen and did not speak to us for 2 days. After my mom, brother & I came back from lunch we said hello to him and received such a gift!

He opened his eyes and turned to each one of us and said I love you.

Family is always messy, sometimes frustrating and annoying.  But it is at the core of all your memories.  At my age, I have more experience and with that comes wisdom. I want to say let the little things go, and keep love in your heart. Our intentions for the members of our family are always meant with the best of intentions, even though it might not seem like it.  Give your family the benefit of the doubt, so later you won’t have regrets. I feel very blessed I had the extra years with my father to sort things out and know his intentions and what I thought of as ‘mean’ was because he loved me.

      May you and yours live a long and happy life…donnajean


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