Back to the Garden


Here on Bluebird Hill, things are getting a late start.  

The spring started early, but then after all the buds came out we had a freeze.

So, then like all well laid plans, everything went wrong.  I had surgery on my hand which has a 4 month recovery time.  My father passed away, so I spent time away from home helping my mother (which I was lucky to be able to do)

So, this week I started tucking little annuals in the perennial beds.  I find that it helps to carry the color over in between the blooming periods of the perennials.  They look small now, but they will grow and fill in the blanks.


I use pentas in the rose and lavender garden


I love seeing this little frog in my pond. He helps with the mosquitoes and sings to me!DSC06845



In this raised bed by the driveway, I plant impatience to add color in a garden with hostas, iris, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes


I love spending time in my garden,

                                       and hope you will join me again…donnajean

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