Admiration for my peers

I am a person who likes to give credit where credit is due.  I am not new to blogging, but it has changed, evolved and improved and I am trying to do the same.  Since I have retired, I have taken on many new challenges that I now have time for.  Like anything new, I am still in the crawling stage!

Some of my interests have led me to other bloggers sites that I truly admire.  They are creative and engaging.  I find them informative and also inspiring.

Here is my favorites list.

Lily Peebles site is about fashion and beauty. She touches on other subjects, but these are the reasons I go to her site.  I like the new products she introduces and sites she includes. There seems to be research that goes into the beauty products that I appreciate.

Salvaged inspirations

Salvaged Inspirations puts the focus on reinventing salvaged items. She is very generous in sharing the information on how-to refinish furniture.  Her instructions are easy to follow and in-depth.  Her photos are given before & after, and show all of the steps in between.  Kwatercolorudos to Denise on an excellent blog.

One of the interests I have been wanting to pursue is art.  I have always loved watercolor, but find it intimidating.  These 2 blogs have given me tips and show me that it is an on-going process. I love that John from explains how he will do a sketch, a painting and then revise.  Maybe put it up for some time and go back to it.  It is reassuring to me that someone with talent still struggles to ‘get it right’

Carol King does amazingly detailed sketches and then seems to fill them in with color.  Just these 2 sites show such a difference in an artists point of view.  It gives me a bit more courage to know that there is no ‘right way’, but we all have our own style.

That is something that I always knew as an interior designer, and could not really explain to others how I arrived at my visions.  It is a matter of practicality, fashion and the needs of the client.  The style is something a designer processes to pull it altogether for the client.  I think painting must be the same.


This site is about building a brand.  She gives advise on everything techy for blogging, computer info, and marketing.  Very useful info.

I hope this will be interesting info for you fellow bloggers…donnajean


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