Memorial Day

ludovic-gauthier-62746photo by Ludovic Gauthier

On this day many will remember loved ones that are in the military.  Many think of this as an extra day off from work or school.

         I say this is a day to remember all those who serve.  The many people who make personal sacrifices in their lives to protect us so we may live ours safely.

Our military,  past & present,  who put their lives on the line.  Our medical community.  Our teachers that spend countless hours teaching our children math, science and english.  They do more than educate.  Good teachers inspire and push our children to be and do more.

Parents…the people who may have the biggest challenge & responsibility to our future.  Our children are the future.  It is up to parents to teach respect for others. It is up to parents to show their children empathy for those that are weaker.  It is up to parents to teach leadership, not bullying. Parents need to be involved, but also allow their children some space.  Room to experience failure and disappointment, as that is a big part of life. Parents need to give their children free time to discover their interests.  Time to use the wonderful imaginations that all children possess. And it is up to parents to teach respect.  Respect for others, elders, property.

                                                              I hope you take a moment today to remember                                                                                  all those that serve on our behalf                                                                                         every day…..donnajean  




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