Milwaukee, great small city

Are you looking for a quick summer get-away in the midwest?

I grew up in Milwaukee, and it is a great small city with lots to do.   It has ethnic neighborhoods,  where there is diverse and great dining.  Of course, there are the breweries!  But unlike it’s neighbor Chicago, the traffic is not as intimidating, but you will find some world class venues.summerfest

The Lakefront Festivals go all year round, but Summerfest is the largest music festival in the country and well worth it.  Headline music groups, food, beer & fun!

art museum

Milwaukee Art Museum addition by Santiago Calatrava

Milwaukee’s art museum structure is art in itself, sitting on the shore of Lake Michigan.  It is an engineering marvel and really highlights the exhibits. The link below discusses it in detail. park

When I was a little girl, we would all gather at the neighborhood playground and catch the bus to the baseball games.  (I guess life was much easier then)  Opening day in April was usually brutally cold.  No longer an issue!  The new stadium has a roof that closes in inclement weather, so much more enjoyable.  Get a ticket and a hotdog and listen to them yell,   Play ball!

I have always loved the zoo, and this is one of the best in the country.  You can plan on spending the day.  The animals are shown in exhibits that mimic the natural settings for them.  Herding animals are together with others of their species and like animals they would be found with in the wild.  There is a small train for the children and young at heart, exhibits inside and out, and info about where the animals come from and how they are cared for.  Another must see!zoo

So, get in the car and go somewhere.  Have an adventure and make some memories….donnajean


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