Just beachy

Do you want your home to be a bit more laid back and beachy this summer?


nantucket porch

The houses in Nantucket just have a weathered beachy vibe.  But if you look closely, you can recreate that.  Chairs on the front porch, informal front gardens like the hydrangeas around the foundation instead of shrubs.   Don’t like that?  How about putting some mixed pots by the front door in acasual container like metal?


Having the arrangement in a loose manner will make it seem much more casual.  Large leaves like the elephant ears make quite a statement, and they come in a variety of colors, including a stunning black. The container you choose will also determine the feeling of your home as your guests approach. Metal or a rustic cement is a nice choice and complements many front doors & plants.    Both are important considerations.  



Notice the woven mat…nice beachy touch without shouting!










Making small changes to your decor will give you big results.  You won’t spend much money or time to implement these suggestions.

Change out the chairs where you eat your every day meals.  You can purchase woven or wicker chairs at West Elm or Pottery Barn for a reasonable price and they will surely last a couple of seasons or longer, depending on your usage.

Just small accessories will make a big difference.  Set a bowl of shells on the table. Some books on the cocktail or shelf featuring beach cottages, shells or sailing is a nice touch.  Or, maybe just a few pillows with a nautical theme will be to your liking.

   It’s summer, live like a child again….donnajean


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