Color Schemes


Last week I was talking to a friend about her home, and she was telling me that she had just installed tile and that she was so disappointed that it ran more beige than grey.  I replied to her “That’s o-k because the trend is going more to beiges now.”  She said, “Oh no, I just painted everything in greys!”

It is my opinion that we should not follow color trends in our homes, but go with what we feel comfortable with. As a designer, I have always given my clients a questionnaire to fill out regarding their lifestyle, interests, and color preferences.  It has helped me to fulfill their dreams and make a house into a home they will be comfortable in for years to come.

Finding a color scheme is difficult.  If you do not know where to start, go to your closet! I am comfortable wearing neutrals with colorful accents, and my home is the same.  Of course there are many things to consider.  What is the natural light in the room?  How will it be used and by whom?  Do you have tiles that you are keeping and wood that needs to be considered?  Or are you willing to paint the woodwork and take up the tile?

warm color scheme

beiges & whites


cool color scheme

greys & whites


my color scheme

This is my color scheme.  The blue is on the ceiling in the dining and bathroom.  The beige is on the kitchen & dining walls, and limey green in the laundry to make it more fun to be in there.  I have a lot of artwork that I rotate throughout the year.  At this moment all the artwork in my foyer stairway is black & whites!  So fresh for summer.

I change accessories & furnishings with the seasons.  In the fall I bring out some persimmon colored pillows & throws, and lay a multi colored rug over the sisal.  The beachy accessories are stored in favor of things with a heavier feel.                                      It feels like a new house!

So next time you are repainting, go with what you love, forget the trends!                                                                                                                                                        donnajean




One thought on “Color Schemes

  1. Yep, I’m guilty of the grey trend. Or at least when we bought our house, I was. My last few rooms have been stark white. Do you think we are getting bolder with our colour choices, or are people still going for neutrals?


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