My father passed away this spring after a long, and full life.  He wore many hats in his lifetime.

Son, brother, soldier, husband, father & grandfather.  He knew and honored the trade of being a plasterer.

Through the way he lived his life, he taught me many valuable lessons.  I remember when times were difficult, he would sit on the phone in the evening trying to get work for the next day.  He always provided for our family.

He taught me the value of teamwork and finishing what you started.  When my parents built a new home, it was the job of my brother and I to clear the yard of stones before the grass seed was put down.  Boy, I hated that job!  But we had a contest to see who could fill the basket with stones the fastest, and eventually the job was done.  I certainly appreciated the grass when it came in so lush and pretty.

My father was very strict.  A  B+ grade was never good enough…   But the rest of my life I always have tried to do the very best I can, whatever it is that I am doing.  I know that nothing in life is perfect, but it is worth aiming for.

Fathers Day

And probably the most valuable lesson was how to laugh at myself!  My father always had a joke ready.  When he passed the comment I heard the most was that he had such a great sense of humor.

We did not always get along…I guess we were too much alike.  But today I would like to honor his memory and say that he will always be in my heart with a smile on his lips.



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