Asheville treasure

unnamed       Asheville, NC is a well-known and visited destination.  I think everyone is familiar with the wonderful Biltmore estate.  With its winery, hotel, gardens & greenhouse, this wonderful home that is still family owned. It  is a national treasure.

_MG_9268-web (1)

bags with yarn spools still on the workroom floor

But lesser known is Grovewood Village.  It is the home of Biltmore Industries that was started in the late 1890’s as an instructional school for boys to learn a trade.  Started by 3 women,  Charlotte Yale, Eleanor Vance & Mrs. Vanderbilt, it taught woodworking, and later weaving.  Long since closed, the buildings are now 2 museums, a restaurant and a wonderful gallery that houses the work of many local artisans.  The setting is a garden, with metal sculptures throughout.

One of the museums shows the old looms, still having the spools of yarn, named Coolidge Red, after the president!  The other houses an extensive collection of old automobiles with their own interesting history.  This is such a wonderful bit of history.  North Carolina was known for its fabric mills, but this was truly special.  The homespun fabric was shipped internationally and to the famous.   The quality was unparalleled. If there was a flaw seen upon inspection, it was corrected by hand with a needle & thread!



photo of car museum


And not to be missed on your visit is lunch at the Golden Fleece restaurant.  A mediterranean Greek restaurant, the service and food were both excellent! The atmosphere is charming, with settings of mismatched silver, hand thrown plates and a mix of upholstered and antiques chairs.  Just a perfect place to relax after a couple of hours touring Grovewood Village in Asheville.


Golden Fleece restaurant

One thought on “Asheville treasure

  1. I just got back from Asheville 4 days ago and it was phenomenal! I did not get to see this treasure though. The North Carolina Arboretum was breathtaking! If you haven’t been, you need to go!


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