My favorite naturals

I always look for natural products to use on my body and in my home if possible. There are plenty of websites that will supply you with items that are better for the environment and your family.  But, being a do it are my favs!


To give myself a gentle facial, I dip a cottonball into olive oil, then sugar and apply it to my face.  The warmth of my skin melts the sugar and the olive oil is very nourishing.  It starts a bit greasy, but is quickly absorbed.  After a day at the beach or in the garden, I find this to help to soften my skin and take care of any irritation I may have caused.DSC06879

I make my own skin cream out of coconut oil, a small drizzle of sweet almond oil to make it blend and smooth better, and a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or rose.  Then I just put it in a pretty jar!  This is a wonderful skin cream, inexpensive and custom according to your liking of a fragrance.  Nothing in it to cause allergies.DSC06881

Last summer I came across this product, , an all natural deodorant.  It is non-gmo, aluminum and paraben free.  I wondered if it would truly keep me odor-free after spending a few hours in the hot summer garden.  It does! I paid $10 for a small jar and still have 2/3 left.

The website is


The final product I want to share is Dr Bronner’s pure-castile soap.  This product is amazing, as it can be used for any of your cleaning needs.  I use is for laundry, as well as washing floors and woodwork.  I have found that if I use a slightly stronger ratio of this in my bucket of water for my outside porches, it keeps the spiders away for about 3-4 days! That alone is enough for me to purchase it!  You can use it on your plants, dog or your own body.  Wow, what a wonder product!

But, the thing that drew me to this in the first place was the label supporting a fair wage. I like companies that are involved in the community.  This one seems like it has always been a part of the company statement.  In business since 1858, I think it has served them well, as much as the employees.

The website is

                 I hope you will try and enjoy some of these….donnajean


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