Not your ordinary rugs

Iota project - Copy

This is obviously a picture from a Facebook page.  It is from a company based out of    Tel-Aviv that is very socially conscious, which makes me a big fan.  The company teaches crochet to women who find it hard to get employment.  They can work from home, and support themselves, while caring for their children.  The work they do is put into cushions, rugs and stools.  An old-fashioned skill with a modern vibe!  Doesn’t this pic make you want to curl your toes into one of these rugs?

Gan Garden layers-Best of outdoor design

These outdoor rugs have both style and function going for them.  They also have the coordinating pillows.  Named Best of Outdoor design

Other gan rugs by Sandra Figuerola are these Rustic Chic that are made of jute and wool for a wonderful texture and softness.  Going with natural fibers in your home is a good choice.  Wool naturally resists soiling because of the lanolin in the yarns.  It takes color well and will last for many years.

Gan designer Sandra Figuerola - Copyrustic-chic-geo-rug-pistachio


I love the design and texture of these rugs.  They will add an understated freshness to any room.  You can see all of their rugs @


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