The July Garden

This is the time of year when all the digging & transplanting,  laying in compost & fertilizer, and mulching shows the payoff.  Here are some of my favorite July flowers.

2016-06-08 001 065

The butterfly bushes draw swallowtails to my garden

I love the fragrance I get from the roses.  These bloom continuously throughout the summer.

2016-06-08 001 035

2016-06-08 001 036



2016-06-08 001 039


Love this quirky planter with the geranium, attached to the garden gate.  It adds a casual feel to the space, and a bright spot to this neutral area of the shady garden.  It is one of those spaces that just happens to have more light than the rest of this garden.

A person that gardens truly shows that they have faith in the future.  It is a practice of patience, trial & error, and a fight against the elements.  But when it all comes together….it is heaven on earth.

2015-07-24 001 007

coneflowers & black-eyed susans replace the early iris & daffodils

2015-06-10 001 011

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