7 Things to do on a hot summer day

It certainly has been hot, 90’s every day.  So this is the time to do some things that don’t take a lot of energy…because who has any when it’s so hot?



#1 Take everyone to the lake..swim, fish or just chill



#2 Go for a long walk in the woods.  Listen to the birds, and enjoy the lack of traffic, voices, and cellphones.  There is something so peaceful in nature.  Enjoy the smell of clean air…no exhaust fumes.


#3 Sit with a book and enjoy the sunshine for a bit.  Enjoy a drink and when you are rested, you will be able to get back to what you need to do!

#4 Visit a book store or library.  I just love to browse through the aisles, see the journals, pretty stationery.  Pick up a summer romance or maybe a good mystery.

#5 Go to a museum  Whatever your interests. Art, history, science.  How about the aquarium?  When it’s hot outside, inside is the the place be for some folks.

#6  Go to the movies  Grab some popcorn and settle in  the cool, dark theater for some excitement and fun.

#7 Sit on the porch swing and do nothing!

Whatever you do, slow down & enjoy.  Grab some iced tea 

                     We wait all year for summer…..donnajean



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