How to brighten a dark room



Some rooms are just dark.  Maybe they are on a shaded lot, or the windows are shaded by a covered porch.  Maybe they have dark woodwork and furniture.  Here are a few tips to brighten them up.

Paint the walls a lighter, brighter color like yellow..instant sunshine.  If the woodwork is dark, consider painting it a shade of white, like this creamy Navajo White from Benjamin Moore paints.

Use accessories that have some sparkle & shine.  This silver bowl holds fishing floats that are lovely translucent shades of green and blue.  It is set upon a mirror used as a tray.  All of that adds some brightness to the spot without being too obvious.

Keep your windows open as much as possible, with the draperies more on the wall than window glass.  Light carpets, such as sisal can be layered in winter, but give a light feel in summer.

I hope you have a happy & sunny day…donnajean

The secrets to a happy life are…

Garden in the sunshine and run through the rain, pet the dog and kiss your sweetheart every day.

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