Found Objects d’Art

As I have said in the past, I like anything rusty or crusty.  It takes the formality out of life.


An old tiller wheel on the shelf in my laundry room

When I see an object, whether it is in my husbands garage or at a salvage house, my wheels start to turn and I think to myself about how I could repurpose the item.


I found this old mirror at an antique store.  The frame was gold and in bad shape.  It had lost the mirroring on the back.  So I brought it home and painted the frame with chalk paint, sanded it a bit and then put stain on the high spots.  Then I put craft paper behind the mirror.  I love it, especially above the mantle with this wonderful old window.

I found an antique grate at a salvage shop and had my husband put legs on it.  It works great as a plant stand.  It was pretty rusty, so I just added something to the legs to make them rust, and voila!

Too many things are wasted and thrown away.  Try to find beauty and refurbish before you destroy.  You may create a wonderful Objet d’art of your own!         donnajean


plant stand made with old register grate

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