Polishing copper

Do you have an old piece of copper that has sentimental value to you?  Or great copper pots and pans that need some love?

Well, it is a very simple process to clean tarnished copper.  All you need is lemon juice (easy out of the bottle) and table salt.  The lemon juice is acidic, and the table salt is  an abrasive. The smaller grains of common table salt will not scratch like some sea salt.  Make a paste out of them by pouring the salt on a small plate and adding the lemon juice.  Then dip a cotton ball into the paste and rub.  You will immediately see the tarnish being removed.  When it is to your satisfaction, rinse with water and you are done!

This photo shows the difference between the polished and unpolished copper on my great-grandmother’s teapot.  Notice the  bird top which I have not done yet.



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