The power of words

Words are powerful tools.


But too often, we do not relate to each other in real-time.  We are too afraid of missing something that we are not present in the moment.  When you send a text, the words are abbreviated and there is no inflection.

If you really want to be successful in your life, meaning business and personal relationships, you have to put down the devices and really be with the other person. Communication is becoming an art because it takes patience and practice.  To fully understand what someone is trying to convey, you need to be present and pay attention.  Sometimes it is the pauses and body language that say it all.  You do not see that on your device! rawpixel-com-252127

Instead of giving advise, ask questions.   Show interest.  Lean in and listen.                      It is more important to listen than to speak.  You can learn a lot about others by just sitting back and fading into the background. If they want your opinion, let them ask for it.  Only then will it be appreciated!


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