Planting bulbs for spring beauty

Who doesn’t love those first spring blooms and burst of color after a long dreary winter?

White flower farm

Well this is the time to get started and plant your spring bulbs.  As soon as the nights get cooled down to the 50 degree mark you can plant! Several things to think about before you start.

  • Try to have a continuous color scheme throughout your plantings that will complement your home.
  • Make sure there is plenty of sunshine, as most spring bulbs require it. Under trees is fine before they leaf out!
  • The soil should be well draining, as they will rot if the soil is too wet.
  • Squirrels and deer love tulips, but not daffodils!
  • Your bulbs will come with directions for planting sure to read them as all bulbs do not have the same requirements.
  • The leaves of the bulbs need to dry after blooming, so planting among later blooming perennials that will cover them is a good idea.

Here are some of my favorite catalog resources for spring bulbs

I have been shopping from White Flower Farm for many years.  The plants always arrive in a timely fashion and in good condition. This is a picture of their ‘Daffodil Works’ which they have for different zones of the country, taking the guesswork out of you purchase.

The Works daffodil mix

The Works from White Flower Farm

Helleborus 'Wedding Cake' Wayside

Helleboro ‘Wedding Cake’


Kiss n' Tell tulip blend wayside - Copy

‘Kiss n’ Tell’ tulip mix

spring wonder blend from Wayside

‘Spring Wonder’ blend

You will find some delightful plants and bulbs at this fine plant purveyor!

In business for almost a century,  they specialize in bulbs and probably have the largest selection you will find anywhere. They have put together collections of bulbs to match your color selection or planting wishes.

Early to late pink tulip special from John Sheepers

Early to late pink tulip special

Sheepers Naturalizing specie tulips

Naturalizing special










        Winter is a long season with the reward of spring coming after to lift our spirits…donnajeanAllium Globemaster










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