Clutter-get gone!

The phrase, ‘get-gone’ is kind of messy and poor grammar but I hear it all the time.

It is sort of like living a messy life.  In feng shui clutter is a big no-no. Clearing clutter from your work or creative space opens your mind and lets your ‘chi’ breath.

Do either of the pictures below remind you of yourself?   Do you have a hard time finding what you are looking for?  Is it buried under a pile of stuff?


photo by Jakob Owens


photo by Jesus Hilario

Does  it annoy you to waste time looking for something when you have so much to do?

Does it make you late in the morning or in a bad mood?

Guess what…only you can change it!  Make it your project for your next day off, and I promise you will feel so much better.  You will know where your keys are, phone and pad will be in place.  You will have an extra 10 minutes in the morning!


photo by Olo Eletu

This could be you with the confident swagger!

So let’s lay out a plan.

  • Organize your closet by color, and then by style (long sleeve, short sleeve, casual)
  • Do the same thing with your shoes


If everything has a place, it will be easy to find.  Even better yet, decide the night before what you will wear.

Then there is the old problem of having a full closet with ‘nothing to wear’.

So here is phase II

  • Figure out a style that makes you feel good, and stick to it.
  • Trends change, and buying your wardrobe based on that is not always wise.  Is your taste classic or preppy or maybe you are artistic and a bit bohemian.  Look at some fashion websites if you do not know and find out!

  • If there is something that you have not worn in the last year, get rid of it!
  • Recognize the ‘colors’ that people complement you on and build your wardrobe around them.  That way you will have more pieces that you can mix together.

Have a drop point where you always put your keys, and anything else that you need to find every morning.  

  • Go through the mail, and immediately trash the junk.  Then put it in the spot that you use to pay your bills
  • Laundry…use 2 baskets in your closet and put lights in one and darks in the other. That will save time on laundry day. Then as soon as it comes out of the dryer, fold and put away.  You will know where it is, and will have less clutter!

     Living free of clutter is easy once you get organized. It will give you freedom and more time, letting your chi breathe…donnajean



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