Fall accents for a few cents

2015-11-17 001 094

In the fall, with the crisp fresher air, we all want to change things up a bit.  Above is something you have seen many times, and it is a great way to go.  However, sometimes it is not friendly to the budget to buy multiple mums, pumpkins and cornstalks. They also have a shelf life and cannot be used again next year.

Here are some ideas that are a bit different and can be saved.


I went to World Market and purchased an inexpensive wire basket.  I put a piece of foam in the center and pushed  natural excelsior around to hide it. I purchased my flowers as bundles and then cut the individual stems and inserted them into the foam with hot glue.  The bundles and excelsior are much more reasonably priced than individual flowers or moss.  When  I finished that I hot glued some bark onto the sides and added a bow.       (I picked the bark up in the yard.  It had fallen off the trees in the storms)

I always like to have fresh flowers in the house and they  usually come from the garden. Last week I picked up some twigs from the oak and hickory trees and they still had the nuts clinging to them.  So I lightly sprayed them to acquire a bit of shine and accent the nuts, put them in a vase, and they are sitting on the kitchen counter.


Sweet little grapevine and cotton boll wreath hanging on the Garden House door



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