It is hard to believe, but I have been retired now for almost 2 years.  To those that think they will have nothing to do in retirement, you are so wrong.  There has not been a day that I got up in the morning and did not have something I am looking forward to doing .cropped-jesse-bowser-255382.jpg

It is fall, and Mike and I will be going up to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and celebrate being married for 30 years!  It has really gone by in a flash.



I spend many hours in my garden every week.  I love to walk around with my coffee in the morning and see if anything has changed, or needs to be addressed.  That is when I usually see our neighbor doe and her 3 offspring wandering.





Sometimes I will work on a  project that springs into my mind.  The plaque with the sheep’s face was created when I noticed Mike had a piece of metal that he discarded that would fit perfectly under the nose of this sheep pic that I was saving ‘for something’.  I stained a board, decoupaged his face, added some fabric that I snipped for his hair and shredded paper for his dinner.


I am also teaching myself to knit.  I lust over some of the beautiful yarns that I see!  I started with a simple scarf, and then did a patchwork throw for my porch.  Then I wanted to do something more challenging.  I found a pattern that looked easy to me, and went to purchase my yarn.  The lady at the store told me that it was ‘much too complicated for a novice knitter” and would not help me with my selection.  I must say that brought out the child in me!  I will move on to something more complicated, and now I am working with double pointed needles.  A challenge for sure, but I have lots of time for mistakes and learning!

Take time to enjoy the simple things..go slowly and notice the little joys that surround you





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