Time to put the garden to bed

2013-08-28 001 005

This is a busy time in my garden here on Bluebird Hill.  I have been transplanting so many perennials this year.  After having the trees trimmed, and our neighbors losing some, I had developed some hots spots in my shady yard.

Because my memory is so bad,  can anyone relate to that, this is the best time for me to do it.  Right now I can see that the birds planted some black-eyed susans in spots that they will not thrive in.  But it was nice of them to help me with new plants!  So off to the sunny garden they went.  And some of my astilbes were really fried after 20 some days with no rain!

I also dug in lots of mushroom compost, as well as putting down a good thick layer of bark mulch.

In my Zone 7 garden, I have the opportunity to garden all year. So I have also been putting some annuals in the boxes and planters.  It is nice to have that splash of color continue through the fall and winter.  Next week I will have to start cutting some of the grasses.  I leave some for the birds, but do not want them everywhere, so some in the beds will be cut.  The large swatch along the side of the drive will stay as is until spring. I like the way it looks with the frost and the morning light shining on it.

Next week Mike & I will be taking a day for a trip to the mountains for a day.  It is always so beautiful along the Blue Ridge, and there is a new restaurant that I want to try.

Have a wonderful week, whatever you are doing…                                                                            donnajean



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