Road trip

Mike is a big  race fan.  When he was younger, he built and raced in his area.  I think something like that never leaves your blood.  So we took a little day trip to one of the old race tracks that has been closed for years.  It is now a very nice little park, and the course is used for walking.


Occoneechee Speedway  One of first 2 Nascar tracks opened.

I, on the other hand am not a race fan.  But I enjoyed the beautiful day and took these close up pics of the rust on a car on the track.


We walked the track and then went into lovely Hillsborough for lunch at the Weaver Street Market.  It is a grocery co-op that has a wonderful deli with a fresh salad bar, hot bar and more. What a great concept!

If you are interested in more information on any of the places we visited, I have put in links to their websites.

A day spent with someone you like, doing what you like is like a little treasure…donnajean

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