St. Augustine

Are you planning to take a trip to somewhere warmer after the holidays?

Mike & I love St. Augustine, Florida.  It is the oldest city in the United States and there is plenty to do.  On the Florida coast, it has beautiful beaches.  But being the oldest city it has a lot of history also.  The architecture is spanish and moorish in design.

A place I would highly recommend if you are interested in both history and architecture is Flagler College and the Ponce de Leon Hotel.


Flagler College courtyard



You can set up at tour at the site above and see all of the magnificent details of these buildings.

We found this wonderful little city to be warm and relaxed.  It was not touristy and we did not find ourselves in crowds of people.

So if you are looking for a place that is a bit different, and has more to do than just lay on the beach with a cocktail, (although that can be quite nice also!)  try St Augustine…donnajean


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