I have started to make my invitations for the holidays that I will be hosting this year. Don’t you think it is much more enjoyable to open an invitation that comes in the mail instead of over your phone?  And I enjoy creating something special for my friends.




This is something that can be done in an afternoon, if you choose a very simple design.

I chose to watercolor a snowman and tree, easy peasy!


I purchased a small stamp that says Handmade with a thumbprint, a larger stamp with the details of the invitation and a ColorBox ink stamp all from Michael’s.  If you are not familiar with Michaels, they have everything you need for arts and crafts.  They are awesome, and I can spend hours in there just poking around!! I also picked up the blank cards and envelopes there, on sale today 2 for the price of 1!



Handmade adds a special touch to the holidays.  It lets people know that you care enough to spend a little extra time for them.  In these busy times, that is really special.

This season, give a piece of your heart to someone that is important you..donnajean



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