Simple ideas for a Fabulous Thanksgiving

Are you stressing out about Thanksgiving dinner?

Remember, this is a day to give thanks for what we have and to share it with the people we love.  Keep it simple..

Here are a few ideas to make the day go easier for you.

  • Not a cook?  Then buy your dinner.  You can order the turkey and just make the sides, or you can purchase them in the freezer section and dress them up in your dinnerware or serving pieces.  Desserts too can be purchased and then presented as your own.  Just add some garnishes to the dishes and it will be beautiful and you will not have spent the last 3 days in the kitchen!

Start with a signature cocktail like this Cranberry Ginger Mimosa.  It is festive and easy. I have attached the link for the recipe from the Cookie Rookie website.

  • Capture


Keep the table setting simple.  You can use your every day dishes, and  votives.  Add some simple green plants or green veggies such as decorative cabbages, kale, squash, apples etc. You get the idea.65816895e1e5a1300bb5ca8f728c2cfc

squash soup










  • Maybe just make something like a fragrant squash soup, have some wonderful breads and cheese board and a salad with fresh greens, baby kale, spinach tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and dressing choices.

Plan some fun activities for the day.  Do you have old traditions or are you making new ones?

  • Of course there are lots of football games.
  • Play a board game or cards.  That is something else the entire group can do together.
  • Go for a nice walk in the afternoon after dinner.  Walk off you meal and have some uninterrupted conversations.  Leave the phones at home!
  • If it is only family, decide on Christmas gifts…maybe exchange names, decide to make this years gifts or pick a theme for the gifts with a dollar limit.

The only really important thing about the day is that it is enjoyed by all, including the host!  If you are a guest, take something for the host.  I guarantee it will be appreciated!      

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving…donnajean




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