Christmas Town USA

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MaAdenville, NC is called Christmas Town USA, and for very good reason.

The entire town is decorated and lit up with a fabulous light display.  People travel from miles around to see the fabulous decorations and enjoy the festivities.  The fact that there is no charge to see this, surely adds to the Christmas spirit and keeps it from being commercialized.

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Most of the people living in McAdenville, (which is only about 700) decorate their homes for the season.  Walking is welcomed and I have found it just a better way to see many of the homes.  However, the traffic is very slow, so you never have to leave your vehicle to see all of the wonderful and festive decorations.

All of the decorated trees are live, and range in size from small to very large. The color scheme is kept to the traditional colors of red, white and green.

I have included links for both a schedule & directions, as well as a history of  McAdenville.   So make up a thermos of hot chocolate and wrap up some cookies.This destination will surely put you in the Christmas spirit…donajean


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