Gifts from the heart

I enjoy giving gifts.  I will spend hours trying to find just the perfect gift for someone and wrapping it in a creative manner.

This year I am working on a few hand-made gifts.  I can personalize them and make them meaningful to the recipient.  ( I am hoping I will get a better camera for Christmas so my pics show up sharper!)




These boards show memories from the past year, as well as sentiments that I think will be appreciated.  The value in this kind of gift is that it is from the heart.

This little abstract art piece that I did reminds me a the quirky friend I have and I am thinking  that he will get a kick out of it.  DSC07195

So what will you do to personalize your gifts this year?  How about bake some cookies and put them in a pretty bag?  A gift of a journal with a wonderful pen would be nice for that friend that practices mindfulness, or is going through a hard time and would find writing their thoughts down to be helpful.

                                   Whatever gift you give,         if you give it from your heart, it will be loved and appreciated.  Isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

                                  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from donnajean

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