What to do with left over wrapping paper

Now that the holidays are over, and you are putting things away…what to do with the leftover wrapping paper?


photo by Kari Shea

I always seem to have end pieces that are not really enough to save for next year.  I usually buy coordinating papers, like the photo shown above.  Here are some ideas for fun DIY projects that you can do or save for a rainy day kids project.


book covers How about covering books with them that will look pretty on the shelf?  I have done this in showhouses        with  books gotten at the library.  They look pretty, and work really well under a lamp if it needs to be a bit taller.

I have also used it to line drawers, or shelves.  I find it pretty and pleasant to open the door of the linen      closet and see the shelves with a simple, but pretty      patterned paper.

Another idea is to line a tray with the paper.  You can have a piece of glass cut to keep it from getting damp when serving beverages as shown.

Be creative…you can use it in homemade cards, notepaper by the phone, wrap for a bouquet of flowers.  Just have fun!!
tray liner

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