A Snow Day


A snowy day in the garden shows off the structure of your plantings. It is a good time to look at the shape of the trees and shrubs, as they are outlined with snow and everything is pretty well defined.

2013-06-20 001 027

In the picture above, the peegee hydrangea tree is shown to the right.


In these pictures, you are able to see the hedges that define and separate the spaces. You can also see the play of textures, as there is no color to distract your eye.

Comparing the winter and summer pictures help you to see and plan what you want to do in the spring.  It is easy to see if the woody plants can be divided and maybe you would like to mark them now when it is very visible.  You can just tie a string around the new plant to dig up later.





In this picture it is very easy for me to see the shapes of the shrubs.  They are on the edges of a small terrace and are filling out nicely.  I put the fence up last summer to support some vines, but they did not get enough sun, so in the spring I will pull it out.  I don’t think I need it for balance as the low hedge at the edge of the wall is just above the edge of it now.


So, take advantage of these days.  If you don’t take photos of your gardens, maybe this will encourage you to do so.  Taking photos, and keeping a journal of the garden plantings as been extremely helpful for me, as my memory is not as good as it should be!

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