Playing with shadows

I received a new camera for Christmas, and have been playing around with it quite a bit since then.  One of the things that has always fascinated me with photos is shadow-play. (Is that a real word or something just in my head??)



I was just taking random pics like I always do, and I really like this one. A real pro would probably have gotten a better shot, but I like the way the shadows play on the wall.

The photo of myself and Freckles really has some nice qualities.  It shows the movement of the water, and I think the composition of the shadow takes your eye from upper left to lower right as if reading a page.


Donna and Freckles




As I said, I shoot everything.  I loved the way you can see the shadows inside the holes of this old metal car piece!







Sometimes, I am looking for color and details. I was happy with the way this paint box turned out.  It even has some shadows in it. But the photo of this long path through the woods is wonderful in the depth and shadows.  As you can tell, it was a very sunny day.

Please share your photos and thoughts on what you like to shoot.  Remember, we are all learning every day, so no judgement…donnajeanDSC00128DSC07119

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