A day in the country


Don’t you just want to get out of the house sometimes?  Well, this week Mike & I were having one of those days, so we decided to take a ride in the country so I could play with my new camera.

We saw these goats along the way, and I thought if I could get a close up of one of their faces, I would try to paint it.  No way, they were camera-shy.  I tried to get them to come towards me, but they ran the other direction!

So back in the car and I came across this donkey, and he was much more accommodating!


DSC00258Maybe he will be my next painting… He has a sweet face.


It was such a pretty day, so we just kept taking the back roads to see what we could see.

There are so many interesting old buildings along the way.  I wanted to see if I could get some pics with good shadows.


I really thought this was interesting, just the composition with the trees in the foreground and back, as well as those bottles on the ground!   So, back in the car heading home.  Along the way, I had to get these 2 pics.

It looks like someone used the sign for target practice.  That is country living..we don’t see this in the city! It was a simple day, but enjoyable.



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