Brave new world

Screen_Shot_2018_02_06_at_5.00.39_PMThe other day I was watching the SpaceX rocket launch in total amazement.  Elon Musk is talking about taking people to outer space and starting a colony on Mars within the next century!  When I was a girl, we had the first moon landing, and it was a very big deal.  That happened when John F. Kennedy was president and it was a government project.  Now it is a private venture and the government cannot even agree on how to keep itself running!  For shame.


Another big thing that is changing is the auto industry.  Self driving cars, electric cars, cars that you can watch a video in.  When I was a girl, a radio was an option!


I can remember when computers were invented.  My girl scout troop went on a field trip to the bank to see this new thing.  It had its own room, because there could be no variance in temp or humidity. And the units were huge, using big cards that had the information fed into them with small series of holes (or digits)

With the introduction of computers, the world was supposed to change.  It would save us so much time, that people would only have to work 3-4 days a week.   Hah, that never happened!

Now, people are having small chips inserted into their hands to save time and have to carry less with them.  They can open doors, order meals from the business cafeteria, sign in for work.

We are using small cameras for medical procedures, non-invasive surgery is being done by robotics.  It is indeed a new world.

So many things are changing, many for the good of mankind.  Progress moves life forward.  But I thought it might be fun to list some of the things invented in my lifetime that we all take for granted!

  1. cell phones
  2. microwaves
  3. pantyhose
  4. convenience foods
  5. blow dryer
  6. portable computers
  7. Pandora
  8. Cable TV
  9. Kuerig coffee makers
  10. On-line shopping
  11. All forms of electronic communication

Then there are the things we don’t have anymore

  1. Someone to pump your gas
  2. The corner candy store
  3. 5cent stamps
  4. 3 TV channels to pick from on the black & white TV that stopped programming @midnight
  5. Housecalls from the doctor
  6. Saddleshoes
  7. All the neighbors knowing the children and telling your folks when you did something wrong
  8. Roller skates that you wore over your shoes and tightened with a key
  9. A party line on your one telephone that was attached to the wall, with a really long cord.
  10. Lunchboxes

Tell me, what is it that you are looking forward to in the future, and what do you miss from the past??


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