2018 Design trends

Every year I post about what I see as trending designs.

I am still seeing a lot of leather and solid colors in upholstery.  It is usually seen in a neutral color.  But I feel that more color will be used…on walls, chairs, artwork.  More color and texture will be added to accessories like rugs and pillows.

I am also seeing a trend toward more elegant fabrics in pillows.  Velvets with trimming, brocades, metallics.   Draperies in florals and prints to add more depth to a room.

embellished-brocade-pillow-covers-x west elm

West Elm

the shade store

  The Shade Store


ethan allen chair

Ethan Allen furniture company

It seems like a simple, more modern feel is really popular but I am predicting that traditional furnishings are going to be coming on strong in the near future, just like I predicted that gold and brass would be back.

So, if you see a beautiful antique that tugs at your heart…

pick it up and take it home.  You will not regret it…donnajean

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