Fun Project


concrete planter

Are you looking for a fun project that you can do in a couple of hours?  No real skills needed, so gather a few supplies, the kids or maybe your girlfriends and some wine!

You can also use this recipe for garden balls, which should gather moss…so fab looking!


concrete ball


  • 1 bag perlite
  • 1 bag sphagnum moss (will create moss on your balls as they age)
  • quickcrete (has fiber)
  • bonding agent
  • heavy duty rubber gloves
  • plastic sheet
  • Sand for curing balls and balls for forming
  • containers to form planters and cooking oil

In a bucket mix equal amounts of perlite, peat moss and cement mix.  Mix really well.      Then add equal parts water and bonding agent stirring until it is the consistency of oatmeal.



To form my balls, I purchased balls at the Dollar Store.  I then cut a hole in the top so I could fill them with my mix. Put the mix into the ball slowly, making sure to remove air pockets by poking with a paint stick that can reach to the bottom and sides of your balls. Set into sand and cover with plastic until hard (24-48 hrs depending on humidity)

Don’t be alarmed if water comes to the top of the balls, as it will be reabsorbed into the mix as it dries.



I used a planter that I had from a garden store hanging pot.  It has some grooves in the sides that I thought would be interesting.  Oil the container well, I used cooking oil.  Then I patted the mix into the container, approx 1 1/2″ thick.  Cover and let cure for 24-48 hrs.  When it is hard, tip it over and it should easily drop out.  If it does not, it means it is not cured yet.  Give it another day.

Another variation that a friend used was to dip a towel into the mix and drape it over a container.  It will give you more of  a freeform container.

Have fun and enjoy the results!





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