All gardeners know that having the basic hardscape, such as walkways and drives are a crucial part of the garden.  But there are other additions that add form and value to your property.


progress being made

Here on Bluebird Hill we have a sloping property both in the front and back of our home.  In the back, we have terraced the property.  We added a covered porch and then stairs down to a terrace and then down again to a path.

We are now working on adding  split stone to the terrace.  As you can see, we have already put in a wall to hold the side by the steps and garage.  I chose stone that picks up the tones of the stained concrete on the porch floor.

DSC00733 (2)

Paver Golden Fossil


inset creeping jenny plants








I think that adding special touches like the fossil pavers and inserting moss and other creeping plants will make it special, like finding a four leaf clover!


late afternoon shadows

I also find it interesting to see the shadow play in the late afternoon.  This is almost like a changing piece of art!  This type of project extends the livable space beyond the porch for garden entertaining.

          I look forward to sharing the finished project                                with you….donnajean



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