The August garden

August is a hot and humid time of the year.  Last year I added to my gardens and created one that will look good in late summer.


New Garden

We had some trees that were leaning removed, which created a more sunny space.  Still not full sun, but about 3-6 hrs a day.  It is on a hill and is quite large, so I wanted flowers that would create some mass for show.

I planted some shrubs that I trim to a round shape. Then there are grasses that will be blooming next month.  The crepe myrtles add height, interesting bark in winter and have such pretty flowers all summer.

Black eyed susans, joe pye weed, cleomes all make a big impact at this time of the year.  Late in the fall and winter, the structure of the shrubs, the grasses and the wonderful berries on the false bamboo will take over the show.













Crepe Myrtle


Woodland Garden










Front Garden


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