Fall, a good time for planting

Fall is around the corner, and it is a great time to plan and plant in the garden.

There are as many different types of gardens as there are gardeners.  No space? No problem..just use containers!  You can achieve a huge impact as this picture shows.

A window box or planter can be changed with the season to keep things interesting.  I quite often will add perennials to my baskets for year round interest.

2013-10-08 001 017

If you want this as a year round planter, a small tree would work nicely with a ground cover underneath.


2016-06-08 001 069

Year round interest with perennials



This photo, from Scott Lewis Landscape architects, shows that grasses look especially lovely in the fall with the seed heads waving in the breeze.  This is a plant that should not be overlooked.  Truly low maintenance, works great on a slope for helping with erosion issues, a wonderful filler in the perennial garden with seasonal changes and many sizes and colors to choose from.



This small space has everything going for it!  Different textures of plants, an eye-catching focal point, and a bit of color.  To me, this looks like 2 neighbors working in harmony.

The site that I got the above image from is:




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