This year my husband and I decided to see the United States. We’ve been to many states in the past, so we decided to drive from east to the west. In the next several posts I will give you some of the highlights of our trip and some great stories about kind people, interesting out of the way places, of course food and drink!

We had some places highlighted to visit, but we pretty much ‘winged it’ and made unexpected stops along the way. There were some destinations that were deleted because of weather, or fires! That was scary! And others that were added because we were tired and needed to stop for the day. You could say we had a great adventure!

Our first stop was Nashville, Tn. Well known for honky tonk and country western music. It did not disappoint.

These are views of the 9pm hustle and bustle. Imagine music of all kinds from street speakers and believe it or not, it was 98 degrees!

Not too far away was the very elegant Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Coming into the city we saw an elegant old building and pulled into the parking lot for some pics. I cannot resist old architecture with a story.

And since food is important to me and I like to eat like a local I look for simple diners where locals hang out. We had dinner at Pucketts, and I loved the charm of it. I ordered a fried green tomato blt with one of the locally brewed beers. It was fun and memorable.

I never heard of ‘brown water’ beverages before…tickled my sense of humor!

For me, the road less traveled is always the most interesting.

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