Heading west

After Nashville, we headed west. Through Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. We had somewhat of an agenda, but did not follow it closely. I like to see the unexpected.

I did not reserve rooms in advance which meant that all of our accommodations were not 4 star, but none were too bad either. Sometimes we had a long day driving and just wanted to drop into bed and get an early start. I used an app called Hoteltonight.com and was pretty successful in finding a place in a hurry. They give reviews and show pics, which really helped. They also give directions to get to the destination quickly.

Gateway Arch in St Louis, Mo

We have been to St Louis before, but driving through you see the marvel of the Gateway Arch. If you ever have a chance, stop to see it and take the elevator to the top!

Endless miles of rail cars with some carrying 2 freight containers. Lots of antelope in the fields and then the amazing sandhills of Nebraska.

Crossing over into Wyoming we stayed in a very small town called Thermopolis. We stayed at the Days Inn Hot Springs which has a restaurant attached called the Safari Club restaurant. Let me say that anyone interested in hunting would love this location. The owner is an avid hunter and has many photos and trophies displayed.

The Safari Room

But to me the highlight of this stop was the Hot Springs. Before dinner we walked about a block to a park which had hot spring terraces. Beautifully landscaped with boardwalks and a bridge. This allows you to could cross and view them close up. On the other side of the bridge is a bench with a nice view of the river.

I love little out of the way places like this! This might be a wonderful place for a family to spend an afternoon since the park has a pool, playground and you can soak in the hot springs facility on the grounds.

The things I want to share about our trip are the out of the way treasures that might not be on your radar. I hope you enjoy my stories and sharing.

Just a disclaimer that I have not been paid to recommend any service or destination!

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